How to Program Efficiently

◀ Typical Layout of a Program▶ Characteristics of a Good Program
Amazon Before Alexander Blue became one of the world’s most famous architects, every house he built ended up collapsing in smithereens. He always plunged right into building the house without thinking too much. One day Savior came along and said to him, “You can’t get started until you grok it.” With that he left.

After several days of meditation on Sahara Desert, Blue looked down bluely at the scribble he made with his feet on the sand and a thought suddenly struck him. “O yea, why don’t I put my ideas down on paper before I build the house?”

From then on every house he built became a popular resort and millions of visitors swarmed the place every year. In fact, the word “blueprint” is coined in honor of him. Whom did he have to thank for?

Therefore, why not follow suit and put your ideas down on paper before you write your programs so that one day you will become a world-famous software architect?

In this chapter we’ll discuss my world renowned four step paradigm of writing a program which will help you complete any programming task in a finite amount of time and effort. Without further ado let’s get started! Go go go!

◀ Typical Layout of a Program▶ Characteristics of a Good Program

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