Programming Exercises

◀ Trap 8 - Divide▶ Exercise #1: Identify Groups on a Board
Amazon "What? You didn’t even lose a pound! What happened, Frank? I thought you already know you need to exercise to keep you fit," says Doctor Amy.
“Well, yes I do doc, I know everything you told me last time but still, I haven’t lost a pound”
“Let’s see here. Crunches?”
“You got it.”
“Man…looks like you’ve got everything here. How many times a day do you do crunches?”

“What? You didn’t do any of the exercises?”
“What are you talking about? You didn’t say I needed to do them. You just told me I needed to know this, this, and that to stay fit...”

So you see, no matter how much you think you know, without doing any exercises, you can’t lose weight. For the sake of losing weight, get out your paper and start doing the following exercises, will ya?

In this chapter we are to go through a set of programming exercises. They are all real world problems which are interesting to solve.

We’ll be applying the four step model to these exercises so you’ll see how efficient it’ll help you code!
◀ Trap 8 - Divide▶ Exercise #1: Identify Groups on a Board

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