◀ Traps and Tips▶ Syntax Error Versus Logic Error
Amazon Frenchmen De Wilson and Bugging Jay built the first chrono-sphere in the world. When everything was ready and the lab filled with journalists and broadcasters, they pushed the red button excitedly, but nothing happened.
“What the…what’s wrong?”
“Let’s check the chrono belt and the quantum transmission system again.”
Somewhere inside the system got stuck a big cockroach. They took it out and everything worked.
The spectators exclaimed, “Wow, what do you say we name the act of fixing machines ‘DeBugging’ to honor you guys?”

So whenever you are trying to fix your program, you are essentially doing what De and Bugging did. In fact, the English prefix “de” came to mean “removal” to honor their extraordinary feat back in 2059.

Yeah right.
Debugging is a work of art. It is the act of removing a programming error from a program. The programming error can be either a syntax error or a logic error. In this chapter we are going to explore the most common types of error a program needs to deal with and how to debug efficiently.

Towards the end of the chapter I’ll give you a list of common sources of bugs to help you avoid getting tripped by them!

◀ Traps and Tips▶ Syntax Error Versus Logic Error

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