Debugging Using Debugging Tools

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Amazon A debugging tool is a software application that allows you to debug easily and efficiently.

There is a wealth of debugging tools in the Internet and the book market, some free of charge and some rather costly. They include the following:
  • GDB (The GNU Project Debugger)
  • DDD (Data Display Debugger)
  • SAS/C Debugger
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Debugger
  • etc.
Debugging tools are usually very useful in tracking down a bug, so I recommend that you use it.

The debugger I have been using is called GDB and I strongly recommend using it. It has only a few easy-to-remember commands. Using it correctly, you are almost guaranteed to locate bugs in a short period of time.

If you use a UNIX machine that has GDB installed, you can do “man gdb” to learn about it. If not you can find out how to use it on the Internet or in a bookstore. I recommend that you try out some of the common debuggers and stick to one of them for the rest of your programming career until a better debugging tool comes along.

Next let’s learn some of the most common causes of bugs!
◀ Debugging via Standard Output▶ Common Causes of Bugs

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