◀ A List of Traps and Tips▶ Conclusion
Amazon There is a plethora of resources online about C and C++. All you need is an webpage browser and a heart for learning! Below I will answer some of the most common questions about where you can locate those resources. If you are using Windows platform you may need to do extra things in order to use C++.

Where can you get a C/C++ compiler?
The Cygwin provides popular GNU development tools for Microsoft Windows. It simulates UNIX environment and you can use it to run C or C++ programs. You can google to find their download page. You can also google free Dev-C compiler.

Where can you find information about C++ standard libraries?
You can find information about the functions provided by C++ standard libraries at and many other sites developed by C++ fans.

Where can you find information about the Standard Template Library?
You can find plenty of information on the Standard Template Library by googling “C++ Standard Template Library”.

Next let’s wrap up by giving you the final piece of advice!

◀ A List of Traps and Tips▶ Conclusion

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