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Amazon Let’s face it. Our programming instructors usually care about only whether our programs do what they are supposed to do; we just need to follow some rough guidelines. As long as you can finish them on time and they do what they should do in a timely manner, you are in good shape.

In the real world this is also the case. Your clients do not care about how you make the software; as long as the software meets their requirements in a timely manner (imagine what your client's facial expression would be when your software takes one hundred years to execute..), you are home safe. That said, this book is not a tutorial; rather, it teaches you how to write programs in an efficient manner, hence the title of this book, “Finite Programming in C++”.

First of all, you must understand that only the person willing to spend time to learn can make progress.
Therefore, if you are determined to be a great programmer, read through every single chapter and work through every single example and make sure you completely understand them and maybe through experimentation come up with your own arguments to counter a point I make. Don’t just take for granted everything I say – experiment on your own and see for yourself. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of C/C++ and have at least some programming experience before reading this book.

As a last note, I would like to state that programming is a work of art, and as such it can never be covered completely by any books or resources. Creativity is what makes programming unique. I can only point you in a direction, and it is you who will be solving problems you encounter in your programming career.

It is my belief that after reading the book, you will be able to start programming efficiently and enjoyably!
◀ Preface▶ What This Book Covers

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