Layout of a Program

◀ How to Avoid Segmentation Fault▶ Typical Layout of a Program
Amazon It is said that when God created a human being, he was thinking about where head, torso, arms, and legs should go.

At first he put head at the bottom and everything else above it, but then the human could not even walk. So he changed the configuration. He put head first, then torso, then legs around torso, then arms below torso.

“Not bad looking at all.”

The human could walk in this layout, but not for long. Arms were too slender and weak to support the body for long.

Finally he decided that head be at the top position, then torso, then arms around torso, then legs below torso.

Now you should see the importance of sticking to the correct layout for your programs.

Now is the time to get into the gem of this book! After you familiarize yourself with all the tools and concepts described in the previous chapters you are ready to dive into the real deal of the book!

Let’s start by looking at the typical layout of a robust program; then we’ll explore my four step programming paradigm that will guarantee that you complete any programming assignment in a finite amount of time, hence the title of the book Finite Programming in C++!

◀ How to Avoid Segmentation Fault▶ Typical Layout of a Program

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