Programming Misconceptions

◀ Why Name It?▶ The More Objects, the Better?
Amazon Father is scolding Daughter for putting excessive amounts of detergent into the washing machine.
“You idiot! Look at what you have done with the clothes.”
“I just want my clothes to be cleaner so that people won’t laugh at me.”
“You should’ve consulted me first. You ever tried using gasoline to clean your clothes?”
Father rubbed some gasoline onto a black spot on his shirt, and the spot disappeared shortly.
“See? You shouldn’t have put too much detergent. You should’ve tried gasoline instead.”

So they poured one gallon of gasoline into the washing machine and set it to run. In a brief moment the washing machine exploded, burning down their house to ashes.

They say ignorance is human’s biggest enemy, now they are talking.
Programming is an art of work, and there are always more than one way to write your programs to do what you want them to do. As such pitfalls and traps lurk around to tempt you, especially the inexperienced ones among you.

This chapter will unravel some of the most common programming misconceptions and provide you with analysis to let you see how you can make the correct choice in these misconceptions.

Without further ado let’s begin!
◀ Why Name It?▶ The More Objects, the Better?

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