Character Array in C

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Amazon First of all, the concept of a string in C is always a character array. Standard C++ STL, however, includes the string class that provides common manipulations of a character array.

A char array is simply an array of char. Here is an example of how to use malloc() to create a three-dimensional char array:
char ***peers;
peers=(char***)malloc(3*sizeof(char**));	/* peers contains 3 char** */
peers[0]=(char**)malloc(3*sizeof(char*));	/* peers[0] contains 3 char* */
peers[1]=(char**)malloc(4*sizeof(char*)); /* peers[1] contains 4 char* */ peers[2]=(char**)malloc(5*sizeof(char*)); /* peers[2] contains 5 char* */ /* initialize all char* variables, 12 total */ peers[0][0]="guys"; peers[0][1]="it"; peers[0][2]="all"; peers[1][0]="comes"; peers[1][1]="down"; peers[1][2]="to"; peers[1][3]="dealing"; peers[2][0]="with"; peers[2][1]="people"; peers[2][2]="david"; peers[2][3]="and"; peers[2][4]="jim";
This chapter will introduce you to many common functions that you can use to manipulate a string, which is guaranteed to prove useful in your programming career!

◀ String▶ C++ String Class

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