Where Are Your Eyes?

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Amazon When you ask yourself what the biggest source of bugs is what would your answer be? Is it the software engineer who designs the program? Is it the integrated development environment like Eclipse or the code editor like Ultra Edit? Or is it just lack of sleep and nutrition?

My answer is Where Are Your Eyes? I am not kidding; when you are coding using a text editor, where are your eyes? Obviously they are looking at the computer screen, but are they focused on the code as you type?

In the past I used to spend so much time in debugging, and most of the errors were typos caused by the glaring oversight on my eyes’ part. You see, we think we are so good that we can just type along as fast as possible without having to keep our eyes focused on what we type; then we go back and correct errors.

Take this book for example. I finished it very early, but I needed to go back and forth trying to correct grammatical errors, syntax errors, etc. Why can’t I just finish it once and for all?

Same thing applies to coding. One day as I was coding, I purposely fixated my eyes on every letter I typed. After I was done I tried to compile it. To both my surprise and delight, it compiled fine. I ran it, thinking it would not give the results I wanted, but it worked exactly as it’s supposed to!

This is one of the biggest programming secrets I am letting you in on, and I sincerely hope you can take full advantage of it. Next time keep your eyes on it will ya? You are bound to be surprised at how many bugs you’ve killed prematurely!

Next let’s look at the Appendixes where you can find a ton of resources and helpful hints!

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◀ Math and Programming▶ C++ Keywords

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